General & Bariatric Surgery Doctors

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Dr. Adel Hosny

Professor of General Surgery, Cairo University

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Dr. Sherif Hakky

Consultant of Bariatric Surgery, Imperial College London

Sherif Hakky is a specialist Laparoscopic (key hole) and Bariatric (weight loss) surgeon who currently works as a Consultant Surgeon in London at Charing Cross and St Marys Hospital of Imperial College London. He holds the highest clinical degree awarded for surgery in the UK, the subspecialty Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, the FRCS with a specialization in Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery which is surgery of the stomach, surrounding organs and weight loss surgery . Dr. Haky also acquired both the MSC and MD (Doctorate) degree from Cairo University and is a lecturer at Cairo University.

Dr Hakky has a caseload of more than 2000 weight loss procedures over his last 6 years in the UK . His main areas of interest are the sleeve gastrectomy , the gastric bypass and the gastric band surgeries. One of his main paractice areas is revisional and failed weight loss procedures done in the past especially patients with failed gastric bands (ring). In addition to his Bariatric cases , he dedicates a large portion of his practice to laproscopic general surgery cases including surgeries for reflux , gall stones , achalasia , hernias of different types and other surgical abnormalities of the GI system .